Monthly Budgeting | Staying Persistent

Monthly Budgeting | Staying Persistent

Most of the people nowadays are working really hard to make ends meet. A lot of us are living our life, paycheck to paycheck. All of us spend a lot of our time on thinking and stressing over making a budget and sticking to it. Sometimes we make budgets for our houses like food and other stuff but we fail to stick to it and get anxious for some more time. It’s just a waste of time unless we take a proper step that will be useful for everyone. We think over and over that it needs to stop but we don’t usually get proper guidelines. Here we have few useful tips on how to make a budget for yourself and your family and how to stick to it.

monthly budgeting

Our budgeting list includes money that we’ll need for grocery. The most basic thing for every house is food and then the items for cleaning purposes and personal usage, snacks, bills, rent (or sometimes debts). Other things could be the stuff for entertainment like movie nights in cinema or restaurant meals.

Write It Down

monthly budgeting

To make a budget you need to get a pen and a notebook and write down all the expenses of you and your family. Writing it down right now will save you from the stress you will most probably get later as you always does. You can always check up the notebook when you are feeling anxious for something. You should first write all you spend on food and bills. Food is a very basic necessity. Never get clingy on spending money on food. If you’ll spend money on healthy food today you’ll later get saved from medical check ups and tests. Make a list of all the things you need monthly for all the meals of your house. You can include snack in it also but excluding snacks from it is a very good thing to start from. Because making a different list for snacks will also help you later in controlling your taste buds. Healthy eating should be the priority.

Then write down all the things you need for cleaning purposes to keep yourself, your family and your house clean. Because to stay healthy, happy and fit you need to eat healthy and stay clean and hydrated. In short, make a list of grocery. Then check it if there is something you need to add or exclude. Then right down the money of each thing in front of it then add them all up.

For Example:

Spaghetti             100

Onions                   50

Ketchup                 50

Sauces                  150

Total                      350

Suppose this is your monthly grocery expense.

Then write down all the bills you need to pay like electricity, water, internet etc. After paying those bills and buying your grocery and other household items, check how much money is left. You can use the left over money in your transportation for the whole month or your entertainment and other stuff.

But make sure to write it all somewhere because it is very helpful for the long term. It will save you from getting worried at the end of the month. Try sticking to it.

Here is a bonus tip – Savings

monthly budgeting

It will save you from wasting your money unnecessarily. Like we all do sometimes when we are being lazy and tired and orders food or buys some junk food from the nearest store just so we can feel better temporarily. The tip is, get a box or a wallet which is not in use and fix a proper amount of money to fill it with. Then fill it daily with money no matter what, so at the end of the month you’ll have some savings. Then give yourself some break from the whole month and get a treat for yourself and your family.

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