Managing Schedule | Getting Productive

Managing Schedule | Getting Productive

managing schedule

We hate getting late anywhere, yet we have no proper schedule for anything. Even if we have one, we are lazy to follow it because there are so many distractions around us. We do have a daily routine like things to do and places to visit, but we are hardly punctual. How many times have you been there when you say to yourself that this is the last time I am staying awake this late, at night. And you keep repeating that for 10 more days until you get sick and only want some sleep and rest. We get tired physically and mentally and that is why our body needs proper sleep and proper time to rest. Here we have some useful and motivating tips for you on, how to make a schedule and how to stick to it. Also, with a bonus tip at the end.

Before making a schedule, we need to have some goals for future. Make short-term goals and long-term goals that will help you to focus on your life. For example, consider all the things you need to do at the start of every month and at the end of it. Then make long-term plans like graduating in future or paying all the installments of your new car.

How to make a schedule:

It may sound difficult, but it really is not. To make a schedule you need to think about your first day of the week. Reconsider your daily routine, the time you wake up at, your work timings and the rest of the days’ tasks and responsibilities. Don’t forget that you need to take out some time for the most important things like, eating, cleaning, family time and some time to relax your mind and body apart from the bedtime at night. A boring day feels like a wasted day, so take out some time for any kind of entertainment like watching a movie or playing a game.

The best way to make a schedule is to write down your whole daily routine and the timings you will do everything at. Make three columns. The columns of your written tasks and their time and to mark a tick if you have completed those tasks at the right time or not.

Tasks                      | Time          | Done

Washing Dishes  | 10:00 am |  ✓

Exercising            | 10:30 am |  ✓

In this way, it will become easy to stick to it. It is a form of self-appreciation and self-satisfaction. Be excited to make it this way so that you will never miss a tick. Have a daily treat for yourself at the end of the day as a small celebration for yourself.

How to stick to it:

Many of us have been there when we write things down but still are unable to make them happen. To make those things happen you need to remind yourself that you have to stay focused for your long-term plans and dreams. In this way, you will be able to focus on your current situation. Do not forget to take care of yourself in every way possible because you should be your own priority before any of your dreams or something else than that.

Writing things down and making columns for the whole month is the best way to stick to your daily routine and schedule. Schedule may be different at some days so you can always edit it for yourself.

Life it too short to stress over messed up daily routines. So take out some time for yourself and do implement on this technique.

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