CSR Policy


Parchoonwala.pk believes that the betterment and success of Pakistan depends upon the people of this nation. Every individual should equally do their part to make this world a peaceful place. We understand our responsibility towards the society of Pakistan and that is why the whole Parchoonwala team is eager to help. The team of Parchoonwala.pk eagerly wants to bring change in the country and in the lives of people with full dedication to their work. We understand our responsibilities towards our nation and it’s people. Our team is so passionate about going past the limits to share this idea and to rebuild the enthusiasm in youth. We want to set up our nation goodwill.
Our main goal is to battle hunger in our country and to help the people of our country in every possible way. We offer benefits to the people of our country and society by battling against the most concerning issue in our nation that is HUNGER. The team of Parchoonwala.pk wants to fight the hunger of people who are unable to afford the healthy life. For that purpose we will provide needy people free groceries monthly. After every five orders we get from our customers, we provide free monthly grocery to a needy family of five or more people just to make this society peaceful and better.
Parchoonwala.pk understands that our responsibility is to provide to the whole Pakistan. We are currently dealing in Karachi only but soon we will establish our mission in other cities of Pakistan. And we will also provide free monthly groceries to the whole nation with the help of its people and our customers.

If you want to donate and take part in our mission you can contact us on our email:  info@parchoonwala.pk or by calling us on 021-36430492 or by messaging us on whatsapp 03323656130

Fight Hunger, Help People, Revolutionize Pakistan!